We’d like to protect our mountains for generations to come.


The Park’s sustainability efforts and partnerships with local farms, artists, and small businesses are essential to our environmentally-friendly practices.

Hickory Nut Gorge was chosen for a state park due to its natural resource significance and recreational potential. The Gorge is home to 36 rare plant species and 14 rare animal species, making it one of the most significant centers of biodiversity in the state.

Since September of 2013, the Park has been recognized as a NC GreenTravel property for it’s environmentally-friendly practices. In 2021, we were upgraded to the rating of Three Dogwood Blossoms, the highest distinction available. “Chimney Rock Management LLC, which operates the Chimney Rock component within the larger developing state park under a concession contract with state parks, earned its place among NC GreenTravel locations by installing public recycling containers, using locally-produced food in the park’s restaurant, reducing water usage, installing more energy-efficient lighting and appliances, removing invasive plants and increasing public environmental education effort.”

NC State Parks Mission

To conserve and protect representative examples of the natural beauty, ecological features and recreational resources of statewide significance; to provide outdoor recreational opportunities in a safe and healthy environment; and to provide environmental education opportunities that promote stewardship of the state’s natural heritage.

Our 2023 Actions:

Chimney Rock Management, LLC is committed to developing and implementing actionable sustainability goals to improve our operations while lessening our negative impacts on the environment. Here is some of what we did this year.

  • Purchased more bear proof cans that can be used for recycling throughout the Park
  • Expanded composting of pre-consumer food waste
  • Upgraded the Sky Lounge water bottle filler/fountain to a more durable option
  • Continued to move towards reduced paper usage in accounting by utilizing new digital platforms for invoicing, reporting and communication
  • Held quarterly Green Team meetings to ensure sustainable practices are implemented properly and review additional opportunities to reduce the Park’s carbon footprint.

Sustainability Certifications

NC Green Travel Certificate of Recognition – Three Dogwood Blossoms