Harvest Days 2023

Celebrate the changing seasons with your students at Chimney Rock.

Fall is the perfect time to bring your students out to Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park. During our Harvest Days, students will enjoy hands-on learning while experiencing the beauty of Western North Carolina in the fall. Make sure to mark your calendars because your students won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Morning Programs

Morning activities typically begin at 9:30 am and break by noon for lunch. However, the schedule is flexible based on your needs.

Animals of Appalachia

Our most popular program is a favorite for all ages. Get up-close with our animal ambassadors while learning about the wildlife that roams our region. Participants will gain knowledge on habitats, adaptations and animal characteristics.

Falling for Autumn
For most of us humans, fall means cooler temperatures, shorter days and beautiful leaves. However, autumn is a very important time of change in the life cycle of plants and trees. Students will explore how our native flora prepares for the cooler season ahead. At the conclusion of the program, students will create fall leaf art.

Bear Necessities
Join a Park Ranger to begin your adventure into the basics of black bears. What do bears eat? Where do they live? Do they hibernate during the NC winters? And, will they attack? Let’s answer these and other common questions about one of the largest mammals in our woods.

Sensational Spiders
A lot of folks think spiders are creepy and crawly, but our Naturalists are going to change their minds! Your students will learn all about these eight-legged creatures and why they’re so important to us. We’ll make sure they never look at a spider the same again.

Afternoon Options

The best way to discover Chimney Rock is on one of our guided hikes. Don’t worry, there’s a trail appropriate for each grade level. If you’re concerned about your time but want to hike, talk to our team about replacing a morning program with more time for a hike after lunch.

Nuts and Bolts

Who: Elementary and Middle School Classes

When: Programs are offered weekdays in October, 2023. If your class is unable to visit during the month of October, please contact us. We may be able to work around your needs.

Costs: $9 per student includes admission for the day plus all programs and materials. One adult chaperone per 10 students is admitted at no cost. Additional adults are $14.

Registration: Contact our Groups and Education office at 828-625-9611, ext. 1814 or programs@chimneyrockpark.com to reserve your date.