Rules of the Trail

Please observe the following rules for your safety and the safety of others. Report any unsafe conditions to a Park associate. Trails are subject to closures during inclement weather.

  • An adult must accompany children under 16 at all times.
  • Do not pick wildflowers or harm snakes and other wildlife in any way. This is their home!
  • Do not damage or remove any trees, plants, rocks or minerals in the Park.
  • Stay on the trail and do not climb on the railings. Rappelling and rock climbing are prohibited unless with a guide.
  • Never throw or kick rocks. There may be people or vehicles below.
  • Do not litter. Dispose of all plastic bottles in a recycle bin. No glass bottles.
  • No smoking on any trail, inside the tunnel or in public buildings.
  • Do not write or carve on trees, rocks or trail signs.
  • Find shelter or a low area when lightning is present. Avoid water and tall trees.
  • Strollers are not recommended on the trails. Kid backpacks may be rented in the Sky Lounge and Cliff Dwellers Gifts.
  • Never walk on the road and use caution in crossing. Because of the curves, drivers have limited sight distance.
  • Please be sure to plan your hike so that you are at your car and ready to leave the Park at closing.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times. Please scoop their poop!
  • Boardwalks, stairs and rocks are very slippery when wet so walk with caution.