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Art Exhibition to Benefit Friends of Chimney Rock State Park

In May, two artists from the group Preserving a Picturesque America set out on a 80 mile journey along the French Broad River to recreate some of the original artwork from the first Picturesque America publication in the 19th century. Scott Varn and Mike Wurman made the entire trek on foot or horseback, and hosted events along the way where other artists could come and try their hand at recreating the beautiful natural scenes found in the publication. Now, that artwork is going on display.

Preserving a Picturesque America is staging the organization’s Fall Art Show at the Wedge at Foundation’s Cloud Room in Asheville’s River Arts District from September 16 through October 27. There will be three separate collections, each on display for two weeks. Chimney Rock is featured in the first collection, on display from September 16 through September 29. More than 30 artists from western North Carolina joined Varn and Wurman in creating the artwork that will be displayed at the show. Some of the proceeds from the show will be donated to the organizations preserving the natural locations where the artwork was done. 

A portion of the proceeds from “Chimney Rock,” a watercolor painting by Sandra Moore, will directly benefit the Friends of Chimney Rock State Park. The purpose of the original Picturesque America publication was to inspire readers to protect the natural places depicted by Harry Fen, the original artist. Varn and Wurman were passionate about their trip and the subsequent exhibition benefiting conservation efforts that are essential to preserving the same places today.

You can find more information about Preserving a Picturesque America and their upcoming exhibition here.