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19th Annual Groundhog Day Celebration

Celebrate a favorite Chimney Rock tradition as our resident groundhogs join woodchucks all over the country to let us know if spring in on the way.

On February 2, Tater and Yammy will make their meteorological debut at Chimney Rock’s 19th Annual Groudhog Day Celebration. Chimney Rock Village Mayor Peter O’Leary will be in the park to announce the prediction results. Guests can join us in person and meet the groundhogs or watch the stream live on our Facebook page beginning at 10 am. The full video will be available on our YouTube channel at 12 pm.

According to legend, there will be six more weeks of winter if Tater and Yammy see their shadows, or an early spring if they don’t! Immediately following their weather preditions, Tater and Yammy will place their bets for the winner of Super Bowl LVIII.

Tater and Yammy joined the Chimney Rock ambassador team in 2023. Both were brought to Appalachian Wildlife Refuge as juvenilles and were eventually deemed unreleasable to the wild. We are thrilled to have them at the park and we can’t wait to see what their first ever Groundhog Day predictions will be. This is also the first time in Chimney Rock history that two groundhogs have shared the spotlight on the big day.