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For the Love of Chimney Rock by Todd Morse


For 105 years, four generations of the Morse family operated, promoted and served as stewards for the natural scenic attraction known as Chimney Rock. Researched, compiled and written by 4th generation manager, Todd Morse, this book provides a detailed, in-depth history of the family’s multi-faceted relationship with the mountain until its sale to the State of North Carolina in 2007. Part history book, part business case study, part unique personal perspective and first-person narrative, this work offers a comprehensive exploration into the inner workings and challenges of a family business and the love each generation had for this incredible place. Though originally intended for family members and friends, this paperback will appeal to anyone who has enjoyed visiting Chimney Rock over the years and has a curiosity about its human and business history. The book also shares a significant number of wonderful photos taken during these many years. As a fitting end, all the complexities related to the sale and its aftermath are revealed in significant detail, sharing insight into the difficult and emotional decision the family made to protect this North Carolina landmark and jewel for generations to come.


Autographed copy of For the Love of Chimney Rock by Todd Morse.