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Can we bring our pets?

Dogs are permitted in the Park provided they stay on a six foot leash at all times. Dogs (except service animals) are not permitted in the elevator or the Sky Lounge. We’re dog lovers too, so we ask that you consider the following if bringing your four-legged friend to the Park.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the elevator, so if you plan to visit the Chimney your dog and at least one adult in your party must be able to climb 500 stairs on our Outcroppings trail. The trail is strenuous and many sections are narrow, so consider your pet’s comfort level and athletic ability.
  • Dogs may not be left in a parked car, so consider if your dog will be able to hike all the trails you want to hike. Many of our trails include stairs and other challenging terrain.
  • Consider what the weather will be like during your visit. In the summer temperatures in the Park can exceed 90 degrees and can be unsafe for dogs. If you’re visiting with your dog, please bring plenty of water. Heat stroke can be deadly for dogs and can happen quickly during strenuous exercise in high temperatures.
  • You may meet other guests with dogs in the Park and will certainly encounter adults and children on narrow trails or stairs. Consider your dog’s comfort level with meeting new people/dogs and being in crowds in general.