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Chimney Rock Management Gets BearWise

Chimney Rock Management, LLC is now a recognized BearWise business. With support from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, BearWise recognizes businesses that have taken significant steps to lessen their impact on wild black bears and keep humans safe in bear territory.

“We live in bear country and we are recreating in bear country,” Ashley Hobbs, special projects biologist for the NC Wildlife Commission said. “We need to take steps to protect ourselves and bears when we’re spending time in a place like Chimney Rock State Park. (These plans) keep bears wild and keep people safe.”

Chimney Rock Management staff worked with the NC WRC to put together plans for how to handle black bear sightings in the park, maintain and improve waste management infrastructure to avoid false food sources, and best educate the public on spending time in areas with black bear activity.

“We need to remember that we’re living, working, and playing in the bears’ home,” Emily Walker, CRM LLC director/general manager said. “As a business, we are committed to maintaining and improving our infrastructure and education efforts around bears to help protect our staff, guests, and native wildlife.”

BearWise is an organization founded to help people live responsibly around black bears. More information about BearWise basics for communities, businesses, and outdoor recreation can be found at