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Preston’s Thicket–Dog and Horse-Friendly Vacation Cabins in Lake Lure

Preston’s Thicket offers 2 non-smoking cabins on 10 acres less than 5 minutes from Lake Lure beach. The Family Cabin is 2 stories, 4br/2bth, sleeps 9 and has a large front porch. A fenced-in pasture and stocked fish pond with ducks and roosters add to the charm of the Family Cabin. The Cowboy Cottage is close by that sleeps 2 and offers a stone firepit, deck, creek and stables for horses. Both cabins have internet and Dish TV and private gravel driveways. Guests receive farm-fresh eggs, fresh butter, a welcome basket with home-baked goodies and a special souvenir. Available year-round– already filling up for 2015. Just 5 miles from Lake Lure beach.