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Are you dreaming of a unique NC outdoor wedding high atop Chimney Rock with 75-mile views of Lake Lure and Hickory Nut Gorge as your backdrop? Surrounded by family and friends, you're wearing the picture-perfect gown and he's decked out in a fine tuxedo. We can do that.

Or, do you prefer a more serene setting? Under the cool mists of 404-ft. Hickory Nut Falls perhaps? You're both wearing your hiking boots, and because you're adventurous, your NC outdoor wedding will be one to remember. We can do that, too.

Maybe you're dreaming of a big wedding with lots of family and friends? You say your vows within the Meadows with Chimney Rock Mountain in the background. We can definitely do that.

Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park offers a unique rustic setting for your outdoor wedding. We're also happy to help you plan the perfect rehearsal dinner or reception that completes your special day.

Choose from a variety of locations in which to celebrate — perfect for your rehearsal dinner and reception. A full range of catering options is also available to you. Check out pricing options for your dream wedding at Chimney Rock.

Atmosphere Included

We won't charge you for the "extras," like singing birds, Carolina blue sky or the mountain in full color. Surrounded by such beauty, what more could you need?

Wedding locations at Chimney Rock

Resources for planning your wedding at Chimney Rock

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