No photo – no problem. If you want to share a great story or “favorite moment” but didn’t get a chance to snap a photo – don’t worry! Your experience at the Park is what interests us. 

Get recognized! Once you submit your stories and photos they become the property of Chimney Rock Mgmt, LLC. When possible we will credit your photo with your name.

Tips and instructions: If uploading a photo, please send as either a JPG or TIF file. Please only send one photo at a time. Individual files must be no larger than 5MB. Keep in mind that your typical point-and-shoot digital camera (4 mega pixels or greater) can shoot a high quality image. Check your camera owner’s manual for setting the quality mode. When sending in your story and/or photo, please remember to include the date. If you do not know the exact date of the moment, give us as much information as you can: “spring 2010,” “October 2012,” etc. The most important thing to remember is to have fun!

For additional questions about the Photo Contest or to register for one of our upcoming photo workshops, please call 800-277-9611.


Chimney Rock Park has many faces that make up who and what we are. Yet none are more important than yours. Upload and share your favorite photos and/or stories with us. Your entry may be chosen for use in one of our brochures, on our website or our newest ad campaign. Need ideas? Click here for samples of our ads.