Hickory Nut Falls trail at Chimney Rock NC
Hickory Nut Falls Trail

Hike to the Base of Hickory Nut Falls

This 3/4-mile trail offers a leisurely walk that’s chock-full of wonder! Hardwood forests of oak, hickory, maple, beech, poplar, locust and basswood harbor abundant plant life, which includes rare and endangered wildflowers as well as old favorites like Jack-in-the-pulpit and Solomon's-seal. Listen and look for the resident and migrant birds (see our Bird List) that take cover high above in the forest canopy. Cross the bridge and you’re near the grand finale: Hickory Nut Falls, all 404 feet of it! Dainty white blossoms of Lady Rue and fronds of Deerhair Bulrush thrive in the waterfall’s mist. Deerhair Bulrush, a grass-like plant with small knobs at the end of shiny, wiry leaves, is found growing out of the cracks along the rock and cliff wall at the Hickory Nut Falls.

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