First Flyover Complete at Chimney Rock Additional Closures Scheduled in July

Work on Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park’s elevator continued Friday, June 30, during a flyover to remove the elevator’s original motor from 1948 and other essential parts.

Erickson Aviation Services Company removed the original 12,500 pound motor and controller using a S64-F helicopter. A new 8,000 pound Otis Elevator motor and controller were placed by the helicopter and will be connected over the next few months.

State Park contractors will continue working to bring the elevator back into service with hopes that it will reopen later in 2017.

Tentative dates for upcoming construction flyovers to place steel for the Park’s expanded deck near Gneiss Cave are Tuesday, July 11, Wednesday, July 12, Monday, July 17, and Tuesday, July 18. These dates are all dependent upon weather and flying conditons.

When flyovers occur, the Park will be closed for the safety of guests and Park employees.  Please check our website to see the latest news on Park closures and construction efforts and share this information with your guests.