Woodland Walk at Chimney Rock Park NC

Where the Great Woodland Adventure Ends, Grady's Animal Discovery Den Begins!

Now that you've explored all the interactive fun the Great Woodland Adventure holds, pay a visit to Grady's Animal Discovery Den. Located at the end of the Great Woodland Adventure, Grady's Den is home to lots of our forest friends—and even Grady himself! As the Park's Animal Ambassador, Grady the Groundhog stays busy welcoming kids and kids-at-heart to the Park and helping our Education Manager Emily Walker in some programs. His Animal Discovery Den houses lots of Park animals too—like our non-venomous snakes and some local turtles. There's plenty of information available to learn about them inside the Den. On the deck, stop and pick up the current TRACK Trails brochures that help kids learn more about the Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains. And finally, the enclosures out back are home to Grady and his pal Fionna, a Virginia Opossum. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

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